«EXCITING (Headline)

Svein Hundsnes obviously values construction, and he is capable of unifying constructive elements with musical dynamite in his first string quartet. In this dense, dissonant tone language there is complete balance between exciting rhythms and focused melodic formulae.» (Bergens Tidende, Kjell Leikvoll)

CD Hundsnes-Mikkola; Clavinatas 1-7, Piano Sonata No.1, Downtoned Beats

  Clavinatas 1-7: "Although separate works, they go together in small groups or as a larger set quite well, like a series of self-sufficient studies."

  Downtoned Beats: "a dance suite in four movements mixing forms and elements from the Baroque as well as modern pop music, though without any hint of pastiche, and creates something new." (Guy Rickards, Gramophone)  Read full review in Gramophone



In Sinfonietta Romantica the composer Svein Hundsnes investigates the constructive possibilities between late romaticism and contemporary techiques. For contemporary composers it can be something of a challenge to find his place in the wilderness of expressive and technical possibilities, but it no longer necessarily seems to be a goal in itself to produce something just for the novelty of it; originality is equally much about developing previous techniques in a new way. Hundsnes's fresh approaches can be reaffirmed in NRK P1, where Mogens Ellegaard performs his Partita for accordion. (Programbladet, Knut Høyland)



Svein Hundsnes's Sinfonietta Romantica is sharper around the edges. While the piece as such has a Mahler'ian dramturgy, it is above all a good example of the pluralism we at least may witness in contemporary music, where Hundsnes unifies romantic melody, modern soundscapes and jazz in a highly personal style.» (VG, Jarle Soeraa)



The excellent soloist Vidar Austvik was able to make full use of his instrument on a broad scale, from singable flute passages to breath and whistle sounds. It was obvious that he enjoyed playing this music, and he had every reason to do so. Hundsnes has written a euphonius work, based on secure craftsmanship, good taste and high imaginative ability. Hundsnes's utility of small motives throughout the piece is state of the art. There was perfect balance between the flute and the orchestra.» (Stavanger Aftenblad, Arnfinn Boe-Rygg)



The ensemble offered higly mature ensemble playing in Svein Hundsnes's wind quintet His Majesty's Sound Amusement. In this work the composer takes 18th Century court music as point of departure. The work will find its place in the repertoire for wind quintet because it offers a tasteful mixture of playful humor and exciting rhythms – wrapped in a highly elegang variation technique. With musical wit Hundsnes demonstrated his deep understanding of the ensemble type, and is in complete command of compositional craftsmanship.» (Bergens Tidende, Sigvard Lepsoe)


Hundsnes's thinking and writing is highly orchestral. He builds up long lines derived from melodic or rhythmic motives and takes well care of the timbral possibilities of the orchestra in his First Symphony. (Bergens Tidende, Rolf Davidson)


The last concert of this year's Chamber Music Festival was an enriching experience, in which Svein Hundsnes' Rilke Lieder was the most interesting piece.» (Tromsoe Newspaper, Ulf Sverresvold)



Svein Hundsnes has set music to 10 of the poems in Garborg's Haugtussa in his new cycle The Moonlight Maidens for female choir. Bel Canto Vestfold impressed their audience in this demanding a-capella work. An exciting song cycle, performed with secure intonation, rhythmic precision and very good communication with their audience. The Birds seemed to be an immediate hit, and the audience was obvioulsy captured by the changing moods in this new Haugtussa cycle.» (Sandefjord Blad, Knut Soeyland)



Contemporary Norwegian Dance in Stord Kulturhus yesterday. Collage Dance Company completely seduced the audience with four ballets, two of which were completely new. Probably was Borobudur, chorography Soelvi Edvardsen and music composed by Svein Hundsnes, the most exciting work. Most of all this is due to the Indonesian-inspired stylish, suggestive, exciting rhythms of Hundsnes's music and four female dancers in sensual costumes. (Haugesunds Avis, Signe Bjoervik)

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